Glasner On the Trade Deficit

David Glasner reposts an old op-ed he wrote about the trade deficit from 1984 and why this issue should be more carefully considered: Just what is so dangerous about receiving more goods from foreigners than we give them back is never actually explained, but it is often suggested that that it causes a loss of American jobs…. … It almost seems tedious to do so, but it apparently still needs to be pointed out that buying less from foreigners means that they will buy less from us for the simple reason that they will have fewer dollars with which to purchase our products.

Displacement and Not Enough Density

Seattle demolitions bring displacement, not enough density– Ethan Phelps-Goodman on Crosscut about redevelopment and what kind of redevelopment: These decisions point to the most fundamental challenges facing Seattle’s future: how do we add enough new homes to address our housing shortage, while preserving existing communities, especially in low-income areas most vulnerable to displacement? … One way to analyze this tradeoff is through a simple metric: the number of new homes built for every existing home that is demolished.

Draft Rezone Recommendations for the U District

The Urbanist on draft rezone recommendations coming for the University District: OPCD is recommending a suite of rezones throughout the University District. In the core area of the district (blocks closest to the future light rail station and near primary streets like Roosevelt Way NE and NE 45 St), could see increased maximum height limits between 280 and 320 feet. Beyond these core blocks, allowed heights would drop considerably in a wedding cake fashion, transitioning to a general maximum height limit of up to 75 to 85 feet.

April 18 Links and Clips

On political and social developments in the late 18th century surrounding the American Revolution. From Governing- Five Ways to Keep a Big IT Project Out of the Ditch: Here are five practical lessons I’ve learned, sometimes painfully, in over two decades working in government IT, including as an appointee for two governors: The transformation you are embarking on is likely unprecedented for your agency, so don’t assume you will make each decision correctly the first time… Design a system that won’t break, not just one that will work well….

Trade Deficits and Economies

From Jared Bernstein’s Blog On the Economy: When one country runs a trade surplus, another country must run a trade deficit. That right there tells you that the scolds who say “if only we were more frugal” are wrong about this. We are not the masters of our fates here that Neil’s rap suggests. As Bernanke intimates in the above link, when Germany runs an 8 percent trade surplus (!), other countries must consume that much more than they produce.

Community Assets to Support Youth

A brain dump from asset building discussion, on what orgs are working on youth development and community asset building- Youth in Action – Teaching youth about leadership, policy, change. Urban Boatbuilders – Where young people learn about boatbuilding and water activities. In Minnesota. Added Value Farms – Urban farming and youth empowerment. Marra Farm - Solid Ground’s Lettuce Link and Seattle Youth Garden. Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition Islandwood Earth Corps

Trump Your Enthusiasm

Trump Your Enthusiasm — Seinfeld Current Day (@Seinfeld2000) March 2, 2016

Chris Lehmann Jaundiced Eyeball

Pundits are quick to make assumptions about the nature of politics, and these assumptions imply what the Democratic priorities should be: to manage(no leading), achieve progress through ‘bipartisanship’, to give up on party-building(big money donors only.) Chait says that the Democrats have never been a ‘labor party’ but what he really means is labor has nowhere ‘left’ to go….“Pounding Sanders” There are, Lord knows, forbidding obstacles to Democrats retaking majorities in both houses of Congress—not least among them the stunning lack of initiative and political imagination of the Democratic Party elite.

Twenty Two Million Citi Bike Rides

What does 22 million bike trips from 2013 to 2015 look like in New York City? From Todd W Schneider’s Blog In the conclusion of my post analyzing NYC taxi and Uber trips, I noted that Citi Bike, New York City’s bike share system, also releases public data, totaling 22.2 million rides from July 2013 through November 2015. With the recent news that the Citi Bike system topped 10 million rides in 2015, making it one of the world’s largest bike shares, it seemed like an opportune time to investigate the publicly available data.

Can't live in Denali forever

The nice thing about Mount McKinley is it is literally a hill to die on — AndytoBoooooo (@andytobo) August 31, 2015